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We are thrilled to announce that the ByDesign brand is expanding to the Middle East with our latest series Middle East ByDesign Architecture. Together with our partner AIA Middle East we are going to showcase design excellence in the United Arab Emirates to a mainstream American audience.

If you know a remarkable architectural project, we want to hear from you! Get in contact to find out how your project can be featured on Middle East ByDesign Architecture, and help us tell your story.



Tony Maughan, Head of Commercial Operations


+1 530 360 8395

*Please read this declaration prior to emailing the producers of Middle East ByDesign. In the event the producers identify your Project to be suitable for series inclusion as a featured segment the producers will provide documented information that outlines the provision of a suite of deliverables to you as a “featured project sponsor”. The deliverables are in exchange for a small contribution from you, the “featured project sponsor.” This contribution provides funding for the production of the series.