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The winner of the Nambe People’s Choice Award for New York By Design, series 1, is the Atellica Solution with 11452 votes! Congratulations!

The Atellica Solution is a flexible, modular, scalable, automation-ready immunoassay and clinical chemistry analysis system. It is customized into configurations which are built according to the size, shape and requirements of the laboratory.

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Congratulations to Jodie M the winner of the series 1 Nambé People’s Choice Award prize! – 3 beautiful, exquisitely, crafted items designed by NYBD luminaries Karim Rashid, Steve Cozzolino and Scott Henderson

Designed by @karim_rashid_official the Morphik Chip n Dip combines a flared chip bowl and a round dip bowl into a single serving piece of striking artistry. A perfect entertaining accessory, the Morphik Chip and Dip features beautiful, natural curves in a sophisticated expression of high art home ware.

Designed by Steve Cozzolino @cozzolinostudio the Curvo Wine Rack’s acacia wood form curves rhythmically to create spaces for four wine bottles. A beautiful and functional art piece, it can be displayed from the side or the front for two distinct effects.

Designed by @scott_henderson_inc the Chillable Salad Bowl’s gorgeous round shape perfectly cradles the warm acacia wood servers. Not only is the design stunning, but functional; the bowl can be chilled to keep your salads crisp and fresh.

Nambé prize set

Contest winners

1st Place

New York By Design 1st Place

Atellica® Solution

Chemistry analyzers engineered to deliver control and simplicity so you can drive better outcomes

2nd Place

New York By Design 2nd Place

Disaster Relief-folding Pod

Addresses the challenges of environmental sustainability, income inequality and social dislocation.

3rd Place

New York By Design 3rd Place

Energy Trees

Energy Trees designed to generate power through solar from the whole day and throughout all seasons.