Ravi Sawhney

Founder and CEO, RKS Design

Ravi has lead RKS Design to the forefront of product and technical innovation globally for over four decades.  He is a highly respected designer, author, entrepreneur and speaker. Ravi’s innovation of Psycho-Aesthetics (P-A) is his highly regarded research methodology and the foundation of the thinking his team has been using with their clients since 1990. His powerful and compelling business book Predictable Magic has gained global recognition. P-A is captured in a widely used Harvard Case study and a comprehensive Harvard Business Class Exercise .  He has created many successful startups through the years from computer accessories, to electric guitars to his FinTech, LoanGifting, a solution for helping the tens of millions with student reduction.  His awards and patents number in the hundreds. Sharing, giving and exploring the unknown possibilities are what drives his ability to stay curious and passionate year after year.