Juan Porral

Architect & Managing Partner at Grimshaw New York

Juan joined Grimshaw in 1996 in London. He helped open the New York office in 2001 and became a Partner in 2012.

Juan is passionate about humane design that is both practical and lifts the spirit of its users and the wider community. He believes that such architecture is a result of the purposeful collaboration of architects, engineers, specialists and clients with a shared vision to make the world better. Juan has experience across a wide range of building sectors and has demonstrated leadership in realising creative solutions that exceed client expectations.

Juan has been Partner in Charge of the Metro North Enhanced Station program and two significant projects in the nation’s capital:the modernisation of D.C. Union Station concourse and the design of the Scottish Rite Apartments, a multi-family rental building in the historic Meridian Hill district. He is also leading the design of three new bridges in the Port Lands of Toronto and the master plan to transform JFK.