Dr. Megan Sebben

CSIRO Kick-Start Program Manager

Dr Megan Sebben is the Kick-Start Program Manager in CSIRO’s small and medium business team (SME Connect). Megan is a small business advocate and deeply connected to Australia’s start-up and innovation ecosystem. She has represented CSIRO on many panels and events, speaking on topics such as support for start-ups and small business, power of collaboration for research and development (R&D) outcomes, research and industry relationships for growth and recently facilitated Tech23’s ‘Impact Circle’ on innovation enablers. She recently joined Australia’s Chief Scientist Cathy Foley onstage at the Science Pathways: Sustainable careers panel, exploring non-academic research paths.

Since joining SME Connect in 2019, Megan has supported a variety of Australian start-ups and small business find their perfect R&D match. Megan’s role is to help Australian start-ups and small businesses access dollar-matched funding and facilitation to undertake a research and development project with CSIRO. Part of her role is assessing and reviewing Australia’s small business research concepts, matching or referring businesses to CSIRO’s research expertise and facilities.

Megan has extensive experience in environmental research and consulting in both the public and private sectors. Her research interests lie in groundwater modelling, fractured rock hydrology and coastal hydrogeology.

Megan joined CSIRO in 2017, working for the STEM Professionals in Schools team as a Project Officer. She is now a STEM Professional in Schools representative herself, visiting Victorian schools to encourage and empower the next generation of STEM talent.