David Warwick

Founder, Paddock Studio

Paddock Studio is an award-winning landscape architectural practice passionate about designing and creating fun and meaningful places.

Paddock is led by David Warwick, a Registered Landscape Architect, trained in Australia and Canada, with extensive experience in landscape architecture and urban design throughout Australia and overseas. Prior to establishing Paddock, David was fortunate to train under some of the industries most respected and talented landscape architects, including Stephen Pate and Dean Butcher at S.P.L.A.T. in Brisbane and Ingrid Mather, James Delaney and Anton James at JMD design in Sydney. His meticulous work ethic and flexible approach to management and coordination with multidisciplinary design teams has led to success on a variety of projects, and his work has been recognised with numerous State and National awards within Australia.

Paddock focuses on creating public open spaces that contribute to the social and environmental wellbeing of communities and the urban fabric of our city spaces. Paddock emphasises the importance of a contextually appropriate, environmentally responsive design outcome of the highest quality that heightens an understanding of place within a cultural, social and environmental framework. Its work encompasses private residential gardens, small scale interventions, master planned communities, regional parklands and significant public realm projects.