Carey Bond

Over the previous two and a half decades Carey Bond has established a career as a diversified fitness, outdoor industry and industrial design professional. As a presenter, producer and developer his television credits include “Targeted Sports” on the Health Network, “Adventure Center” on the Outdoor Life Network and “Adventure Racing 101” on the Sportskool Network. On internet radio he was a co-host and producer of “Buff and the Adventurers” on and also co-hosted and produced “Adventure Center” on the Outdoor Life Network on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Carey’s passion for outdoor sports and adventure is matched by his passion for design. A graduate of Yale University he received a masters degree in industrial design from the Pratt Institute and a certificate in apparel design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Both inhouse and as an outside consultant in footwear, performance soft goods and technical accessories his resume includes Cannondale, Scott, Jimlar / Mountrek, Endstar and Mesh01. He co-founded Bluemonic an independent start up focused on the development of innovative products for paddle sports including the Hydro PFD 2L.

Carey has balanced his media and design pursuits with extensive professional work as a guide, instructor, educator and presenter. He was a master instructor in the international launch of the Spinning indoor cycling program and co-lead educator in Equinox Fitness Club’s Fitness Training Institute. His fitness video credits include “Plyosport” and Body Bar “Sports Zone.” ACA L3 Coastal SUP certified, Carey is a career paddle sports and adventure racing instructor and has worked for Manhattan Kayak and SUP, The New York Kayak Company, Genesis Adventures, Discover Outdoors and Mike’s Paddle. He previously co-founded Suplogix pioneers of the SUP EMG study with Travis Grant.