Solar Qube

Australia by Design: Architecture People's Choice Award FinalistAustralia ByDesign Innovations FinalistAustralia by Design: Architecture People's Choice Award Series WinnerAustralia ByDesign Innovations WinnerAustralia by Design: Architecture People's Choice AwardAustralia ByDesign: Innovations People's Choice Award WinnerSolar Qube

Boundary Power is leading the market with a new evolution in stand-alone power systems. Incorporating the latest in design and technology, Solar Qube® is swift to deploy, scalable with growth and designed for transport efficiency.

Typical Applications: Boundary Power’s innovative design makes Solar Qube® a perfect solution to supply medium to large loads for:

  • utilities
  • emergency services
  • mining
  • defence
  • farming
  • tourism
  • remote communities


Boundary Power’s Solar Qube® is leading the energy transition, making it possible to replace traditional poles and wires networks with an off-grid, clean power solution, and includes a range of innovative features:

Workshop assembled making it easier to transport and deploy on site

Quicker to deploy arriving on site pre-assembled SAPS Gen 2 is deployed off the truck and ready for energy export in just 90 minutes

More affordable to maintain thanks to swappable module components which are more cost effective

Remote monitoring and control of system helps to lower operational and maintenance costs

System Components: Solar modules, batteries, Communications equipment for integration into customers metering/reporting systems, inverter modules, back-up generator & weatherproof mounting frame and enclosure.

Solar Qube
Solar Qube
Solar Qube