ICON accessible barbecue cabinet

Australia by Design: Architecture People's Choice Award FinalistAustralia ByDesign Innovations FinalistAustralia by Design: Architecture People's Choice Award Series WinnerAustralia ByDesign Innovations WinnerAustralia by Design: Architecture People's Choice AwardAustralia ByDesign: Innovations People's Choice Award WinnerICON accessible barbecue cabinet

The ICON is a universally accessible, child-safe barbecue cabinet for parks and shared public spaces. The design incorporates current trends and requirements around sustainability, inclusivity, and occupational health and safety. It encourages social cohesion by allowing community members of all abilities and cultures to enjoy outdoor cooking together.

The design had to meet legislative standards and community expectations. Facility owners expect environmentally friendly, cost-effective products that are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Barbecue users want inclusive facilities and a simple, enhanced user experience for multicultural communities.

Design innovations:

  • The cabinet meets Australian Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements for wheelchair access. Both seated and standing users can reach the cooktop and safely use the barbecue.
  • The low-profile benchtop increases bench space while maintaining a smaller footprint. Low-impact corner inserts reduce the likelihood of impact injury.
  • Individual food preparation spaces allow for social distancing between multiple parties sharing the facility.
  • Interchangeable body panels and multi-directional quick-release doors reduce labour and maintenance costs.
  • The split door with in-cabinet overflow allows cleaners to quickly empty the raised waste container, reducing effort and the possibility of a work-related injury.
  • All-stainless construction is corrosion-resistant, hygienic, easy to maintain. It reduces complexity, extends the design life, and allows cabinets to be recycled.
  • Standard and Large versions allow for site-specific solutions.
  • Designed explicitly for Christie's Good Design award-winning gas and electric barbecue cooktops, they are easily fixed to the cabinet and removed for servicing.  
  • With Christie's IoT connected, smart barbecue cooktops, the ICON cabinet heralds a new era in barbecue asset maintenance and user experience. They provide information and practical solutions that reduce operating costs and guarantee that barbecues function as intended.
ICON accessible barbecue cabinet
ICON accessible barbecue cabinet
ICON accessible barbecue cabinet