FiDU Technology by Zieta Studio

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How to stabilize something as thin as a sheet of paper? We bend it. We corrugate it. We inflate it. We use FiDU technology to create exceptionally light, durable and functional forms tailored to the specific needs, without expensive tools or moulds.

This is how we FiDU
The name of the FiDU technology comes from the German ”Freie Innendruck Umformung” (Free Internal Pressure Deformation). In short, it lets us inflate metal. We laser-cut and weld two or more sheet-metal contours very tightly together. Then we inject high-pressure air, transforming the metal sheets into three-dimensional objects. As a result, we obtain ultra-lightness (objects empty inside), durability (objects made from metal), and functionality (objects ready to use).

“Controlled loss of control”
That’s what we call it. We let the material freely reply to the process with its characteristics. We try to predict it, but we never control it. We let internal pressure manifest its irregularities and unrepeatable concaves. We experiment with sizes and shapes. We believe that less weight today means more possibilities.

Sustainable awareness
The use of metal is the key. It can be recycled practically indefinitely without losing its original properties and performance parameters. We enhance its characteristics working in the FiDU technology and with parametric design software. Both concepts contribute to optimization of the design and production process. Precise calculations allow us to maximize efficiency in metal usage and minimize waste.

Instinctive circularity
We have followed the principles of the circular economy instinctively for years, due to the process-based approach to designing and making products which is at the heart of the company’s operations. A properly designed process leads us to the effective use of materials, such as steel, copper, and aluminium. The light weight of the end-product helps to reduce energy consumption during transport. The majority of Zieta Studio objects are made entirely of one material, meaning that they are long-lasting and infinitely recyclable. Hypothetically, once our object has served its purpose, it can be fully recycled and returned to circulation in the form of a new piece of sheet metal, for example. Nonetheless, we have a strong belief that the collectible value, durability, and functionality of Zieta Studio objects will allow them to last for generations.


FiDU Technology by Zieta Studio
FiDU Technology by Zieta Studio
FiDU Technology by Zieta Studio