Optimal Reality

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Trail and error, without the error.

What if you could take a moment in time, play out every eventuality and move towards the best result?

That’s the reality of Optimal Reality; a digital simulation tool that we have built to map our air and road networks, so the people managing these transport networks can solve problems before they even become problems.

Optimal Reality uses an approach that creates a digital version of a business’ physical assets, processes or systems through IoT, data science, simulation and visual interfaces to optimise some aspect of the physical system.  

We then use the Optimal Reality (OR) Engine to run millions of what-if simulations that could impact the business such as the impact of unexpected or expected traffic conditions, weather changes, increased users and much more.

Using OR businesses can make more informed choices that will benefit their business and their customers by looking at the impact of multiple what-if scenario, hundreds of millions at once, collating historically autonomous networks for a truly integrated view and creating unique scenario simulation processes in seconds.

Whilst the system is more sophisticated than anything built elsewhere in the world, the technology is simple to use; it’s designed for operations staff, not tech staff.

The result includes efficiencies in man-power, reduced cancellations and delays in travel, reductions in carbon emissions, and a projected savings of over $10 million in savings to airlines, couriers and freight networks implementing OR.

Really, Optimal Reality is trial and error, times hundreds of millions, minus the error.

And it’s a whole new way to optimise every complicated network on earth.

From ideation to realisation, everything from written code to brand design, Optimal Reality was created by Deloitte Digital.

Optimal Reality
Optimal Reality
Optimal Reality